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  • Two-hour Consultation with a Follow-Up Detailed Recommendations Report ($492 Value)
    • Ask anything you need to talk about with regard to your business. Some ideas include:
      • Work out current challenges
      • Discover optimal ways to expand a current business
      • Learn how to start a new business venture
      • Learn how to obtain business capital
      • Learn how to optimize your social media profiles
      • Uncover better payment processing options for your situation
      • Improve your sales or customer service processes
  • Six hours of One-On-One Support, Training, Web or Graphic Design, and/or Consulting ($702 Value)
    • Ideas for making the most of this opportunity:
      • Have a new business card, brochure, and/or website landing page designed
      • Learn and practice networking, sales, or soft skills
      • Learn how to make your social media marketing effective
      • Gain support for developing policies and procedures for staff
      • Have a book or blog post edited
      • Create training curriculum for new and/or current staff
      • Gain access to one-on-one time with a seasoned marketing and design professional to work through current challenges or to learn the best way to take advantage of current opportunities
  • Social Media Strategy and Optimization ($1002 Value)
    • Onboarding for Social Media Management
    • Discovery and Strategy Consultation
      • Content Strategy
      • Set Up Admin Access
      • Provide Consultant All Brand Info and Style Guide
      • Current/Future Events/Specials Information
    • Gracious Rebel Social Suite Setup
  • Gracious Rebel Suite 22 ($152 Value)
    • List of 22 of the best low- to no-cost entrepreneur tools
    • One hour of training and explanation so you can make the most of these invalueable resources

Entrepreneur Growth: Customizable Support Package

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