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Entrepreneur Advocacy & Microbusiness Support

For You and Your Business Based on Your Time and Your Resources

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Because most microbusinesses lack support & reliable information, many design, advertising, and marketing companies are able to take advantage of entrepreneurs. This is likely a contributing factor to why 80% of startups fail within eighteen months and 50% of those survivors fail in five years.* 

Though these small-small ventures make up about 75% of U.S. businesses*, they are the most under-served. Why? Because they're little or just getting started and that usually means they have less funds to tap into. It's more profitable for consultants, designers, advertising and other firms to work for larger companies with more expendable profit. The advantages of a micropreneur's larger competitors aren't financially accessible to them, so the underdogs go it on their own and...

...trying to do everything yourself is one of the top indicators that your business isn't going to make it.*


I serve, support, and advocate for microbusinesses, solopreneurs, and micropreneurs. I am dedicated to giving my clients the guidance, service, and tools necessary to count them among the minority of businesses that survive the all-important 18-month and five-year milestones. 

If you need a service that I don't provide, I've developed relationships with excellent companies that either I've done business with myself and had an exceptional experience, or I feel I know them and their work well enough to feel totally confident referring you. Learn more about my "Business Concierge" here.

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You're my people.  You're like my father, mother, paternal and maternal grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousin. I believe you are the most passionate, creative, innovative, motivated, inspiring people in the world and as such, you do more to create a vivacious, exciting, delightfully diverse economical community than any large business can.

With so many companies vying for your business' business, it's unfortunately very easy to end up locked into a contract or other situation yielding poor performance. By asking certain questions, you can avoid pitfalls that can not only reduce your capital without an acceptable return on investment, but potentially ruin your reputation as well.


I look forward to explaining the Gracious Rebel CAMERA method in detail to assist you in keeping your business assets and reputation safe!  

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When you are considering a brand developer, marketing company, website design firm, graphic designer, or any business strategy or business investment, you need to know whether it satisfies critical principles to ensure profitable growth for your business AND it is something you're able to maintain.


Can the process, company or endeavor you are considering withstand the scrutiny of this C.A.M.E.R.A?

C-onf irmed






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Click the "Book Me" button below to schedule a time to meet with Cy, the "sigh" of relief for your business for a FREE meet-and-greet consultation to see if Gracious Rebel Consulting is a good fit for your needs. Ask questions, gain invaluable business-building information, or discuss how to develop strategies for the success of your business.

Cy: An entrepreneur advocating for & teaching entrepreneurship.
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