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Business Concierge

Because only the best & most trustworthy will do.

By researching and partnering with trusted businesses who have proven track records, you can avoid scammers and companies that don't deliver on their promises.


This page is full of services and professionals that I feel are the best of the best.  Whenever possible, they are companies or people with whom I have had direct experience.


Whether your experience with any of the following is positively perfect, or if it's less than stellar, I'd really like to know. I'm extremely selective and careful about making referrals because it's so important to me that you succeed and not be taken advantage of. If any of these services or businesses fails to deliver on the quality that once was the standard for them, I need to update the list promptly. Thank you!

Looking for a particular service? Try the search option:

DISCLOSURE: If you follow a link to Amazon and complete a purchase there for one of the books below, I will receive a commission. This is the case with some of the non-Amazon companies I refer you to, as well. Rest assured, though, that I have not recommended ANYTHING that I don't strongly believe in, and I have NOT chosen to include anything on the basis of whether a referral reward is offered or not. In some cases, you may receive a discounted rate or special if you let them know that I was the one who referred you, whether or not I receive a referral reward.

One of the biggest challenges that micropreneurs face is getting small business funding. A lot of us don't have the resources to pursue bank loans or seek the right kind of investors. After many, many years of searching for valid options, I've finally come across a company I feel great about recommending because I had such an excellent experience with them myself.

Their approach is unlike anything I'd experienced before and the support was both refreshing and reassuring. They call their unique and effective way of securing funds for small businesses their "Strategic Lender Matching Platform." To me, that means that they match you with the right lenders for your situation AND take into consideration the lenders who were most likely to approve your request for a business line of credit.

FundWise specializes in unsecured lines of credit -- meaning that you don't have to put your house or car at risk when you apply. Everyone's journey with FundWise consultants is customized according to their individual situation, and you don't have to have perfect credit.

If you aren't able to qualify quite yet, they'll tell you what you need to do qualify as soon as possible. You might need a personal loan to pay down outstanding revolving lines of credit to improve your credit rating and if that's the case, not only will they provide you with that information, they'll even help you secure that loan! 

The personal attention and attentiveness to my concerns and questions was outstanding, and they even provide you with a wealth of great information after you've gotten your line (or lines, if your situation warrants it) of credit. 

This program is not free, but I feel their fee is fair based on all the extras you get with their guidance. The care, consulting, and education you receive go well beyond the value of your business funds.

Click the link below to see if you qualify for their program. *You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting your information. 


With the wide variety of companies offering computer repair and other technology services, it's hard to know whom to trust. 

I recommend Northern Computer Service based in Woodruff, Wisconsin. Even if you aren't from the area, they can provide you with excellent remote support!

Northern Computer Service is also able to provide computer and peripherals sales consultancy. Don't buy a computer without talking to a pro! Northern Computer Service will help you get what you need without bloating your device with things you'll never use.


This website is undergoing a massive overhaul and so this page is not yet complete. Thank you for your patience as we make this site more useful for you!

Tim Ferriss' book was a life-changer for me and is the resource I keep closest to me at my desk. I had heard "work smarter, not harder" before, but never with such achievable and simple instructions. Tim's straight-forward and entertaining style of communication keep you excited and motivated to turn page after page as you're introduced to a completely new paradigm of work-life balance and the meaning of wealth.

Kim Garst is a personal hero of mine. Her success and reputation in her chosen industry are what I hope to achieve someday soon in my own industry. I continue to benefit professionally as a marketer from her online articles and courses. Kim's engaging and positive personality shines as she teaches you how social media can become the most profitable -- and fun -- marketing in which you engage.

Jay Baer's book has been added and re-added to my Audible list of books stored on my mobile device because I learn something new and highly valuable every time I listen. Jay uses captivating narrative, case studies, examples and a wide variety of references to convey that correctly executed online content strategies are invaluable for helping local, national, & niche companies, whether small or large, to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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