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Meet Cy:

Entrepreneur Advocate and Consultant, Business Analyst, Brand Developer, Marketing Professional,

Web and Graphic Designer, SEO Craftsman, Technology Guide, and Customer Service Coach

Hi, I'm Cy... as in "the 'sigh' of relief for your business."

I am an entrepreneur descended from a rich heritage of entrepreneurs on both sides of my family...

...I grew up overhearing and closely observing family members in various ventures with a wide range of skills conduct business.  I first learned to emulate their honesty, courtesy and commitment to going the extra mile -- or two (or three!).  When I started helping my grandfather file paperwork at a young age, I began to learn the value and personal satisfaction of a strong work ethic.  Later as I entered my teen years, my parents, aunts and uncles involved me in their professional pursuits, encouraging my developing talents and growing foundation of knowledge in design and marketing.


At age fourteen, I started my first business as a calligrapher and was hired for regular work by a couple who owned an art supplies and framing shop. The owners there became mentors who taught me to never undervalue the quality of my work. They accomplished this in part by making me charge them what my work was worth.  


I guess that lesson didn't sink in too deeply, though, because I'm better at teaching than following that principle. It's more important for me to work with the passionate, talented underdogs of the business world: solopreneurs and micro-business owners.  How YOU inspire me...

Your Entrepreneur Advocate

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The "Sigh" of Relief for Small Business

...Continued from top:


It's the local geniuses, artists, tradesmen, therapists, stylists, et cetera that inspire and amaze me with their remarkable talents, fervor, and inspiring drive.  At the startup level or when unencumbered by countless employees to manage, these people -- you -- are free to indulge creativity, allowing your minds to focus on what propels you toward your ultimate purpose, fulfilling your great intentions. 

You are able to move toward your goals, unless you are encumbered by how to get your name known, who to trust, and keeping up with the constant shifts in prospective client behaviors.  This, sadly, is what causes far too many entrepreneurs with incredible ideas and skills, to fail.


It happens all too often and it's a tragedy that not only devastates the individual emotionally and often financially, but has a profound negative impact on the economy and every would-be client whose life might otherwise have been bettered by the entrepreneur's offerings.

Antiques and Collector Entrepreneurship
Craftsman Entrepreneurs
Mechanic Small Business
Baker Entrepreneur

This is why I do what I do. I must do what I can to prevent entrepreneurs from giving up on their enthusiasm for ideas that absolutely can & should be completely successful.

When I was a young adult and thus without capital to invest in marketing, branding, web or graphic design, search engine optimization or anything else, I decided to learn.  I was motivated not only by my own goals, but knowing my time would be well spent because many people close to me could benefit from the knowledge gained.

I quickly identified my talent and intuition for business development which surprised me, since being the creative, artistic type, I didn't think it would come so easily. I was furthermore astounded to discover that I absolutely LOVED it!  I couldn't get enough to satiate my appetite for reliable information and quality training. Having always been family-oriented, I helped my parents raise my youngest siblings for a while, then

Firsthand experience running businesses of my own in addition to unique opportunities to be exposed to and closely entwined with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship throughout my life, has given me an unmatched combination of understanding, education and intimacy with entrepreneurship success.


I'm very proud of and confident in my methods. Please visit my Services & Resources page for more information on the Gracious Rebel Consulting services and products available.


Discover the keys to

Entrepreneurial Success

with a little help from your advocate,

Cy - the "sigh" of relief for your business.

How You Inspire Me
My Path, Continued

married and had three children, one of whom has unique medical needs that were especially difficult the first many years. During recent years I also successfully triumphed through a number of remarkable, unusual life challenges. All the while, I kept my skills sharp and worked off and on supporting entrepreneurs. I just couldn't let a feeling that I had a mission to serve entrepreneurs go, even in the most tumultuous part of my life.


Now, after over a decade and a half of study comprising thousands of hours of research, application, testing, and intensive skill development, I've formulated a method of analysis, development, maintenance, and reviews that are uniquely accessible (think "affordable, manageable...) to help small businesses stay in business and enjoy measurable growth. I know what you need and what you don't need to make it.

Cyrene as Cy Borg: Quad Quad, Mad Rollin' Dolls

Cy Borg (Full Name: Cyrene Faerieborg Version 2.2 from the Realm of Faeries of the Tribe of Hodag Riders). While I don't have time to skate competitively anymore, I try to keep this persona I created alive. She's fierce and benevolent.

These are my children and my main reason for Being. We've been through a lot, but they are all independent, capable, confident young people now whom I admire.

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