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Our process for logo design is unique so it delivers an outcome you can be proud of while saving you money. We take great care to understand what you want and -- if you aren't sure, we're excellent at learning what is important to you and then using that information in research to develop concept recommendations even before pencil hits the paper.


Your Logo Design package includes:

  • Up to 2 hours consultation and review with you
  • Up to three concept sketches
  • Up to three redesigns of the approved concept sketch
  • Your final logo in multiple formats
  • Your final logo in grayscale or black and white (as appropriate)
  • Your final logo in color (if applicable)
  • Your logo color codes (this is helpful when you are working with printing companies or other graphic designers)
  • Full license ownership
    • Some graphic design firms maintain all or a portion of the license to the logo which means you might have to pay and re-pay for "your" logo time and again. 


The consultaiton, design, approval, and delivery process takes three to four weeks, but if you need it sooner, let us know immediately after purchase. Depending on your needs and our schedule, we may have to charge a rush fee of $75.

Logo Design

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